October 2018: I worked a bit on the sold items display. Before the output was a bit bixed, no matter what you chose, auction, BIN etc. I debugged it a bid and now it works much nicer. For auctions I may add the bid count too soon. Stay tuned!

August 2018: There was a little issue search strings containing ' - such as Levi's - just fixed it.

July 2018: You can separate now auctions, auctions with buy it now, fixed price listings and store listings. However, the default eBay search is always for all four and I suggest your keep it. For sold item searches this option does not work and eBay will return all listing types.

June 2018: I added a short description generator for better mobile view. It may help with the ranking. Enjoy!

June 2018: It looks like there was a recent code change and the 'return sold items' doesn't work anyore. It returns all ended items. It appears like the return sold items was a eBay bug, a useful one though.

June 2018: I added active searches for and - you need more sites? Please let me know with a comment. Hope the front page does not get too cluttered.

3 thoughts on “News”

  1. I love this! However, I entered my User ID and none of my items for sale showed up. Is there a limit to how many are displayed with this little program?
    Any advice on how to get mine to show up higher in search lists?
    And thanks for that program!

    • You need to enter the keywords you want to search for, and then optionally your user ID. Your user ID will only make your item line red color, so it’s easier to see.

      If you still can’t see your listing it means you are not in the top 100 listings. You can add more keywords to get your item into the top 100 – and then improve the rank – and then remove those keywords from your search.


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