Item description summary feature

eBay introduced a item description summary feature to make mobile use easier. If you do not create your own description then eBay will select one automatically, which is often less than ideal.

To help you to create your own item description summary feel free to use the code generator below. The generator creates the code with your description and counts the characters according to eBay's item description summary counting method. Simply copy and paste the code and put is somewhere in the item description (HTML view tab! Do not use the Standard view tab!). The code is invisible on the desktop eBay page, but will be picked up by eBay. You can use only following HTML tags: <ul>, <li>, <ol>, <br> - if other tags are used the short description will not be accepted by eBay.

Although 800 characters are allowed, only the first 150 will be displayed, so better keep your text below 150 characters.

eBay Item description summary generator