How to best use this website?
This site is finding your eBay search rank. Best is:
  • 1. Find your search rank
  • 2. Change your listing
  • 3. Wait 3-5 Minutes
  • 4. Check your search rank again
You can try different things, not everything works.
How do I know my password safe here?
This webside does not need your ebay password and we never ask for your password anywhere here.
Your search results are different from the eBay website - why?
eBay search results depends on many factors, whether you are logged in, your location, your search history, cookies etc. Our search results may be closer what other eBay users may get.
Why there are mutliple listings for the same item #?
These are items with options/variations. Lets say an item has a blue/red/green option that a buyer can chose. This item will create four outputs, one for each option and one for the container.
I didn't see my item# in the first 100 results, what now?
Currently the search is setup to show only the first 100 results. If your item isn't there you should really improve your search ranking. eBay users are unlikely to through 100s of items.
How long does it take for the eBay system to notice change?
Usually you can see ranking change within 2-3 Minutes.
Does any change results in a better ranking?
No. Depends what you do it may get worse. It's good to have an eye on the ranking after each change you do.