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  1. Very well done! I like the clean, functional interface. All the functions work well, including the excluding search character “-“, which I use often.

    As per my own interest in “sold” listings, “ranktool” gives me the link to the original sale, not the active one that eBay now substitutes.

    Some “improvements” that occurred to me: ability to rank by “lowest price first”, full path to the selling category, larger pictures.

    Currently all my sales are USA-only, but I will have a number of items for sale in coming weeks that I will be listing for sale outside the USA, so I will use it to evaluate those items and send further feedback.

    • I am glad it helped you! Seems that eBay worked a bit on the ‘sold’ functionality and it’s working as before. I may delete that completely. IMHO seeing what’s unsold isn’t too much use.

    • Habe ich gerade geprüft, stimmt. Es kann sein das eBay den API code geändert hat. Wenn dem so ist dann nehme ich die Funktion eventuell ganz raus.

      Auf jeden Fall danke für den Hinweis!

  2. Thanks for this great tool,

    It’s always been difficult for me to see best match rankings given ebay’s view manipulation.
    I’d previously been having to come at it via a VPN using a different browser with no cookies.
    This ranking tool will really help me greatly and I really like the character count function built into the mobile description writer.
    Fantastic work!

    Best wishes

    • Thank you, I am glad you like the tool. For a very unbiased eBay search you can also use the TOR browser. The result will be similar to the API search.


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